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What Is UppCast?

UppCast is a revolutionary, highly customisable “PaaS platform” designed to enhance e-Learning & m-Learning. It allows the publication of audio, video & document-based learning material that can be viewed, shared & synchronised for desktop, tablet & mobile devices.


How It Works

UppCast enables users to upload video/audio and office documents to a cloud hosted portal. It publishes these resources in the form of multimedia digital content which can then be distributed to desktop/tablet and mobile devices for online, offline & on-the-go consumption.


Why We Need It

Current methods of classroom learning are moving fast to the mobile digital arena. The UppCast portal can provide unlimited channels that you can manage to build lesson related content & practical work, which students can access offline through their chosen device.


The Benefits

As a cloud technology UppCast offers many compelling benefits to your brand. Simple design, easy navigation and vibrant user experience means UppCast will help everyone to get the most of class experience, by taking learning outside the classroom.

  • PaaS – Platform as a service
  • Powerful control panel
  • Customise with your brand
  • Unlimited channels and users
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly
  • Your own iTunes channel
  • Your own cloud storage


“Because we’re usingUppCast, students can access coursework using their preferred device at any time they like, and as often as needed. It addresses multiple learning styles, and it’s available around the clock”.