About Us

Our Mission

We believe the future of UppCast is one of great promise, built on lasting relationships with clients and developing business-driven solutions methodologies which deliver significant return on investment.

Supported by deep domain expertise within a variety of technology platforms, strong partnerships with a growing number of the world”s leading vendors and dedicated industry expertise within an innovative group of inspired professionals who bring passion to everything they do.

Our mission is to make UppCast the tool of choice across educational institutions globally with flexible and cost-effective dynamic content delivery to enhance e-Learning.

Our Story

By Lavdim Cena MD

I originally invented the concept of UppCast, along with a very good developer friend of mine ‘Marco’. We firstly created the ‘MyPodcast’ project for New College Swindon and since then we have evolved to develop UppCast. The ‘Upp’ in UppCast stands for Unified Podcasting Platform but since its original idea we have worked tirelessly to develop and refine the platform to enable more features for e-learning. In addition to Audio and Video files that can be uploaded and be synchronised with iTunes as podcasts, UppCast now has the facility of being able to upload MS office files. The final stage was to integrate UppCast with Microsoft Azure Cloud technology so it can now be globalised and accessed via ‘Geo-Location’ to provide e-learning resources worldwide.

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