Cloud Platform

UppCast is PaaS – Platform as a service, which help you to increase efficency and productivity from cloud to mobile devices. It provides your teachers with the tools that keeps student connected to learning resources, and critical data wherever and whenever they need.


Training Resources

UppCast does not require you to create a crowded IT department with multiple systems to manage. Its a cloud based, managed through personal PC/Laptop.The platform helps your school to create learning resources that can be used every accademic year.



Document sharing and management in the cloud with internal and external sites for working on projects with online and offline access. Use your own domain name to integrate with internet and intranet. Create a document storage environment that can be easy acsses, elaborated and stored.



” With UppCast, Long-term training programs, such as management courses for senior executives, required many sessions and could take a year to complete. Some trainees, especially those who traveled frequently, preferred to use iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and other mobile devices others worked exclusively with office PCs & Laptops”.