UppCast for Business


UppCast/Office 365

UppCast integration with Office 365 workspace doesn’t result in a large learning curve for employees. If your business already uses programs like, Outlook, SharePoint and others, your employees will merely be transitioning to a similar experience. Moreover, employees can access information while on the go, from any laptop, PC or Smartphone.


Workforce Training

CPD and any educational activity which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills or professional performance standards. It enable to support formal activities, e.g. courses, conferences and workshops, as well as self-directed activities such as preceptorship and directed reading.


Business Features

Document sharing and management in the cloud with internal and external sites for working on projects with online and offline access. Use your own domain name to integrate with internet and intranet. Create a document storage environment that can be easy acsses, elaborated and stored for easy acces by workforce accros departments.

Business Benefits

UppCast for business enable to stores systematic maintenance and improvement of knowledge, skills and competence throughout a professional’s working life. It is about maintaining and improving standards of competence and professionalism. The onus is on the learner to take responsibility for developing and directing their own career



“Paramount Training & Consultancy needed a solution that would be accessible from any device and location. Equally important, the solution had to be easy to use and manage, with minimal software installed on local client devices.The UppCast platform-as-a-service uses CDN – Content Delivery Network to publish & distribute learning resources.”

How Companies can benefit from using UppCast.

Scenario 1) Airline Personnel CPD

Cinnamon Airline has 2000 customer care Agents. Those Agents check passengers in, assist them with baggage drop, complete the boarding procedures and assist the Captain with preparing the flight for take-off. Cinnamon Airline has frequent updates to policies and internal procedures.

All the Cinnamon Airline Customer Care Agents, have a mobile phone or tablet. They connect to the company Wi-Fi when at work, and their device automatically downloads the latest training content from the UppCast platform.

Agents are in five continents, but they all download content in seconds thanks to the geo-replicated storage and CDN connection of UppCast.

Scenario 2) Company / Corporate News

Swan Skateboards Distribution has millions of customers worldwide.

As a B2C Business, they love to keep their customers up to date. They use UppCast to publish their own podcasting channels with news in HD video, including product updates, skate teams visiting cities, skateboard sessions and more.

Customers, dealers and skaters synchronize the content on their mobile phone and tablets, using the home internet connection, and enjoy it whenever they like, on the go, without needing a connection.

Scenario 3) Public Administration & Defence

The police force of a large City, is made of 12,000 Officers.

The Organization needs to deliver updates to all the officers in relation to legislation changes, specific issues related to the areas where they operate, internal policies and more.

They implement UppCast for distributing video and audio content to officers, so that they can always be kept up to date, as their mobile devices automatically download new content when it becomes available.