UppCast for Education


Digital Library

A revolutionary, highly customisable “PaaS platform” designed to enhance e-Learning and m-Learning. It allows the publication of audio, video & document-based learning material that can be viewed, shared & synchronised for desktop, tablet & the latest mobile devices.


Laboratory DEMO

UppCast enables users to upload video/audio and documents to a cloud hosted portal. It publishes all resources in the form of multimedia digital content, and distribute this content to desktop/tablet and mobile devices for online, offline and on-the-go consumption.

Mobile Friendly

Current method of classroom learning, is moving fast to the mobile digital arena as a new additional channel. UppCast provides a multimedia digital library that you can manage from your own branded portal, delivering learning to be accessed outside the classroom.

Offline Content

As a cloud technology UppCast offers many compelling benefits… Simple design, easy navigation and vibrant user experience means UppCast will help everyone who uses it get the most out of the learning experience, by taking resources outside classroom



“Because we’re using UppCast, students can access coursework using their preferred device at any time they like, and as often as needed. It addresses multiple learning styles, and it’s available around the clock”.

How Schools, Colleges and Universities can benefit from using UppCast

Scenario 1) Students keep up with lessons at home

The local school records the most important lessons in HD video and publish them on UppCast.

Students, at home or at School, synchronize the content to their mobile devices, and can watch the lesson again, offline, while on the bus or at home, for example when they are doing their homework.

Scenario 2) Distant Learning

ABC London College wants to reach a wider audience.

UppCast, allows the College to publish video and audio content, making it available for students worldwide.
The College can restrict access to UppCast, implementing a pay per course model, reaching a wider audience and maximizing profits.

The same lessons that are followed live by local students, can now be available on the Internet too, creating additional revenue for the College.

Scenario 3) Podcasting Laboratory Experiments

Chemistry students record the experiments in HD video, and publish the results along with the experiments on the UppCast platform, in a public podcasting channel.

Other students, from the same University or from anywhere in the world, can link to the podcasting channel feed, and receive the video as soon as it becomes available.

Students from the University, as well as from other Organizations, can share results and collaborate, creating a better environment for learning, where co-operation is empowered by technology